An auto-responder email is an e-mail which is sent back instantly to everybody who sends an email to an e-mail address with this feature enabled. The senders will receive the automatic answer the moment their e-mails are received and you will not have to do anything whatsoever manually. A few examples of using auto-responder messages are mailing an affirmation that a payment is received and the order is now being prepared or that a person is on holiday and won't be around for a certain period of time. In the first situation the option can be activated for a long time, while in the second one it is temporary. Even though you use an email address only for personal correspondence, you can use an auto-responder to let the original sender know that their email is received successfully.
Auto-responder Emails in Shared Web Hosting
If you host your domains in a shared web hosting account with us, you will be able to create an auto-responder e-mail for the email addresses that you make from the account. You will be able to view all email addresses shown alphabetically inside your Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to activate the feature is to click the auto-responder icon for any mailbox or to right-click on that mailbox and then to select the option from a context menu. A box will pop up on the screen and you will have to type in the desired message and save it, so configuring an auto-responder takes basically only two clicks. In the very same way you'll be able to also remove or update an active message. Hepsia makes it easy even to create an auto-responder for different email addresses at the same time, which can save time assuming that several people are using emails that you've created to take time off, for example.