Since an Internet site is used to share information and facts with the online world or to get more customers in case you offer goods and/or services, it is essential to know how it is doing. What you will need for that is a detailed report of the visits to the site - how many new people have opened it, how many have returned, what pages they've visited and many others. It will also be very useful if you know how people found your website, specifically if you are running a marketing campaign, since you'll be able to find out if people have opened your Internet site directly or if they were referred by an Internet search engine or a website in which you advertise. Such info will help you enhance the efficiency of the website and, if required, adjust your advertising tactics if various parts of the Internet site should be getting more visitors. Having detailed stats offers you a better comprehension of how your website is doing and a better control over your presence online.
Web & FTP Statistics in Shared Web Hosting
The web stats that we shall provide you with are quite thorough and shall supply you with all the info that you may need concerning the traffic to your websites. Through the Hepsia Control Panel, provided with our shared web hosting accounts, you have access to two different apps - AWStats and Webalizer, in order to get a better idea of how the websites are performing. The statistics are by the hour, daily and monthly and feature quite a lot of data - how much traffic is created by real people and what amount by bots or search engines like Google, where the site visitors have come from and if they are new, the most downloaded data, the visitors’ IP addresses, etcetera. This information is viewable in graphs and tables and you can save it if you have to make a report about the overall performance of any site, for example. An in-house developed software instrument will also show you the site visitors and their locations live.