A web accelerator is a software which speeds up a site, typically by caching its content. There are many sorts of accelerators, but in the common case this sort of programs cache static content or database responses and provide them in place of the web server, thus enhancing the performance of a website considerably. The latter is achievable because accelerator programs work faster than a server and not only will a site operate better, but the server load will also decrease, which will allow you to run heavy websites with less system resources. We provide three web accelerators with our hosting solutions, which will enable you to accelerate any type of Internet site. In comparison, most Internet hosting service providers do not offer any web accelerators or provide just one, which limits your choice of web apps if you would like to employ this type of software.
Web Accelerators in Shared Web Hosting
In case you host your sites in a shared web hosting account from us, you'll have three popular web accelerators to pick from if you would like to enhance the sites' performance. Memcached is employed for database-driven websites and it caches the calls and requests between a website and its database, so it can reduce the load of such websites tremendously. Varnish caches whole webpages the first time a website visitor opens them and provides them from there on if the same visitor opens them again. It does that much more quickly than the web server, so it can easily boost the loading speed of any Internet site nearly 300%. Node.js is an object-oriented platform for real-time applications that operates on the server and not inside the visitor's Internet browser. It is used for accommodation booking, chats and other applications where a lot of data should be processed in real time. The availability of these accelerators depends on the hosting plan which you select - they may come by default or as an upgrade. In each case, you will be able to add more instances or more memory for each of them.